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Project Description

KBCruiser helps developer to search reference or answers according to different resource categories. Just need to input your search target and you can get the right result and view them in a quick and neat fashion.


.net framework 2.0


  1. Professional development website search
    1. Forums search - Msdn,,, StackOverflow, Csdn
    2. Blog search - Msdn blog, AspNetBlog, IISBlog, Blogspot, WordPress, CsdnBlog
    3. Knowledge base search - Msdn library, Technet, MSKB, Wikipedia, RFC, W3C, IEEE, Ecma
    4. Engine search - Bing, Google, Yahoo, Baidu
    5. Code search - Code project, Sourceforge, Codeplex, Github
    6. Download search - Ms download, Vs gallery, IIS Community, Softpedia, CNET
  2. Web browser integration
    1. Buildin web browser
    2. Integrated IE favorites
  3. Related search
  4. Keyword highlight


  1. Double click search result will open the link in IE.
  2. Engine search also support same syntax as search engine. "" etc.

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